Punev and Stoimenov

About Us

“Punev and Stoimenov” is a Bulgarian Law firm, established in June 2017 by the lawyers Anastas punev and Dimitar Stoimenov. The firm focuses its efforts оn three main spheres – environmental law, corporate law and transactions, as well as dispute resolution.

Our main clients are medium sized and large enterprises, most of which are foreign companies based in other Member States of the EU, operating in the industrial, construction, financial and technological sector. Most of them have started doing business in Bulgaria with our help from the moment they have entered the Bulgarian market or have acquired an enterprise in Bulgaria.

Our expertise includes specialized consulting in the above-mentioned fields as well as risk assessment and implementation of good corporate practices. We also offer legal representation before all state and arbitration courts in Bulgaria in all proceedings related to the holding – administrative, commercial, real estate, transport, insurance, etc.

Since 2020 the law firm offers a new legal service that is unique for the Bulgarian market. It does not represent legal consultancy work but auditing of Bulgarian subsidiaries of large multinational companies. The scope of the service includes assistance in case of conclusion of important deals, implementation of good corporate practices, legal monitoring of counterparties, auditing of main processes.

We are co-founders of  Visegrad Legal + a group of independent law firms based in Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Russia. Thanks to the participation in this group we assist in the conclusion of numerous cross-border transactions and operations for our clients, including cross-border acquisitions.

Our contacts and extensive experience in working with colleagues from Western Europe help us advise our clients in directing them to high-quality legal services beyond the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Our Advantages:

Individual approach: The boutique character of the partnership implies direct contact between the client and the partners, as well as their active participation in each mandate. This helps to improve the quality of the legal services, to create a good team, and to bear a clear responsibility for the work done.

In Depth: Apart from their work as lawyers, our partners and associates have experience in the academic environment in Bulgaria and abroad and continue to develop their lecturing and scientific activities not only at the university but also within the framework of conducting training sessions, drafting analyses, legal advice for both private clients and public institutions (the European parliament). For us the sustainable qualification of all lawyers and associates is a never-ending process.

For several consecutive years the partners Mr. Punev and Mr. Stoimenov are coaches of the Sofia university «St. Kliment Ohridski » team in one of the biggest international legal competitions for sale law and commercial arbitration Willem Vis Moot. In 2020 the team has qualified for the eightfinal which is the biggest success of a Bulgarian team in the competition so far.

Part of our team actively participates in the process of amending the Bulgarian legislation, by joining working groups and projects related to the improvement of the business environment as well as the implementation of the European legislation in our national legislation. Our last project was related to the implementation and promotion of Directive (EU) 2019/1937 that is about to create a new protection framework for all persons who report breaches of the legislation both in the public and the private sector.

International Profile: Our network membership in Visegrad Legal+ and our long-standing previous experience with foreign clients and international environment allow us to provide services in Bulgarian, English, German and French, as well as to assist our clients in their legal affairs not only within Bulgaria but also in almost all of the Central and Eastern Europe countries.

Clarity and predictability of costs: The lack of a heavy corporate structure reduces costs to the most necessary ones, with each invoice reflecting effectively completed work. We are also offering a long-term legal subscription on a monthly base that offers preferential rates for the services needed by our client.

Trust: We strictly observe the ethical norms of the lawyer's profession, guided by the national and international standards. Our clients trust us because they know that our most important asset is the good professional and personal reputation, as well as the strict observation of the rules for the lack of conflict of interest.

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