Punev and Stoimenov

Disclaimer GDPR

Data Protection Policy:

We have initiated all necessary steps to ensure the highest level of data protection for our clients and partners pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation.

„Punev & Stoimenov” Law Firm (PS Legal) collects, processes and stores personal data of clients, suppliers, associates and current and prospective employees adhering to all applicable legal requirements. Personal data are collected and stored by the firm by explicit consent or in regard to the conclusion and the performance of contracts. Personal data may be used for other purposes ONLY upon an explicit prior written consent of the data owner or if there are valid legal grounds for such use.

Personal data are collected from the data subjects themselves, as well as from different public registries and databases. Personal data are collected and stored for the duration of the contracts concerned, respectively until there are no longer valid legal grounds for the storage and processing thereof.

In case of processing on grounds of consent, data are stored until such consent is withdrawn. If consent is withdrawn, personal data is returned or deleted promptly, unless PS Legal has other legal grounds for the processing of the data.

When data is collected on grounds of contract, upon the termination thereof personal data are preserved until all potential claims are extinguished or no longer capable of being adjudicated upon or until the lapse of another time period, specified by law. Some data may be kept for a longer period if a statute so provides.

All natural persons whose data have been collected or processed by the company have the right to access their data, the right of rectification and erasure of the data and are entitled to all other rights and remedies under GDPR and the applicable national legislation. Please send any request related to the protection of your personal data to office@pslegal.bg

The above information represents merely a short and non-exhaustive extract of our data protection policy. All additional information regarding data protection could be obtained by sending an electronic request to office@pslegal.bg