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Areas of Practice


Punev & Stoimenov Law Firm keeps a considerable focus on environmental law. The services provided by the firm in this field range from providing comprehensive analysis of the current Bulgarian and European Union legislation to legal representation in various administrative and court proceedings dealing with environmental issues.
Punev & Stoimenov Law Firm has so far successfully consulted its clients in obtaining complex licenses for exploitation of installations regulated by the Environmental Protection Act, as well as appealing decisions of the Regional Inspectorates for Environment and Water and the Ministry of Environment and Water, and other administrative procedures in the field of environmental protection. We consult many of our clients in regard to the requirements for waste management and transportation, including hazardous waste.
We are helping with the implementation on the Bulgarian market of new software products of leading European program developers that guarantee better and faster environmental conformity and provide access to full and up-to-date legal framework.
Since 2018 Punev & Stoimenov Law Firm is a member of the ecological network VNU - Verband für Nachhaltigkeits- und Umweltmanagement that focuses on the creation of sustainable and environmental-friendly practices in the industry development.
In our work in the environmental field we are partnering with renowned German environment and technical consultants with considerable experience in the consulting of projects in Bulgaria, Eastern and Western Europe.

Acquisitions and transactions

Punev & Stoimenov Law Firm supports its clients in starting and developing their business. The team has vast experience and skills in corporate law. Our main focus is the acquisitions of enterprises and parts of them as well as the provision of financing, standing behind the realization of such projects. It is not uncommon for our clients to seek our help when it comes to restructuring and optimizing their business.
After the acquisition or creation of a new business structure we help our clients in their day-to-day economic activities. Our attorneys can provide counsel in the course of negotiations, drafting multilingual contracts, obtaining licenses and other administrative procedures necessary for the successful implementation of your ideas.

So far, we have successfully served clients working in the fields of mechanical engineering, energy, information technology, cosmetics, waste management, book publishing, etc.

Dispute resolution

Punev & Stoimenov Law Firm has extensive skills in the field of dispute resolution both through mediation and through litigation and arbitration. Our team includes attorneys with considerable academic background and abundant experience in legal representation in civil, commercial and administrative cases.
The Firm’s litigation focus is on disputes related to administrative proceedings in the environmental field, corporate disputes as well as commercial and insurance cases.

External legal monitoring

Since the beginning of 2020 we assist our clients with subsidiaries in Bulgaria by providing control on the observation of both regulatory and group policies by the local entity. The service is adapted to the needs of every client and could include external monitoring on the conclusion of key transactions for the entity such as acquisition of real estate, conclusion of construction contracts as well as assistance in the appointment of key management personnel.
We also assist our clients in the implementation of good corporate practices, elaboration of rules on the company’s management work. We help introduce main controlling processes in the company.
In order to guarantee the full comfort of our clients in the process of providing this service, we do not provide other legal counsel or representation for them.

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